Children's Church Check-In

Our software enables you to easily track the attendance of your children's ministry, week after week. We give administrators the ability to easily see at-a-glance, how many children are currently checked-into each classroom individually, along with a total child count. Try the full version free today, with no obligation, and no credit card!

To check-in a child it only takes one step...Parents simply walk up to the computer and enter their child's number (or have an attendant enter the child's number). That's it! If you prefer, you can use first or last name for check-in.

Great for VBS!!

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One of the built-in features is handy printable rosters for up to ten classrooms. The rosters include the allergies and important information about each child who checked into your church on that day. They are also often used as a 'roll-call' sheet, to ensure all children are accounted for, at any time during the children's time at church. We allow you to track attendance for up to ten customizable children's classrooms (Nursery, Toddler, Pre-K, K, etc). Use as many or as few of the classrooms as you need. You can enter an unlimited number of children into the system, no need to incur additional costs later.

In the software, each child is given a unique number, which can either be system-generated, or you can assign the number. This number is then used to quickly check-in and check-out the child. As an alternative to the number check-in, any child can be checked-in by a search feature using their first name, or last name.

Want to know how many children attended your ministry two months ago? Easily see exactly which children checked-in and out, for a given day, week, month, etc.

The software also gives you the ability to add a digital photo for each child. This photo is then briefly displayed on the screen each time the child is checked-in. This can ensure that even new helpers, can recognize and know the children.

Even entry-level children's check-in software can easily cost four times as much. We provide you the basics, for a fraction of the price. Try our full feature check-in software risk-free, no credit card required. You can use our software for 30 days, before you decide that it's right for your ministry. No contract, no recurring fees, no hidden fees.

Purchasing the software today, entitles you to all future program updates, free of charge. This is a stand-alone piece of software, no recurring fees, and no internet connection is required.

PC Requirements:
   A PC running either: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
   An external USB 10-key numpad (approx $20), for use during child check-in and check-out.

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